Maintain Your Site’s Digital Inclusion with Managed Accessibility

Our managed accessibility plans and consulting ensure that you are consistently removing barriers for people with disabilities. Open your website to many more users and meet legal requirements with confidence!

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“Every eCommerce business should invest in better accessibility and there is no one better than AccessiCart. We’re thankful to have them as our reliable guide, ensuring our site stays accessible!”
Tom Fanelli
CEO, Convesio

Let us guide you

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We rigorously test for accessibility and provide guidance and solutions.

Is your site truly capable of welcoming more visitors and sales? One in every six adults suffers from a disability: in the US, this represents $490 billion per year in disposable income, while a 2016 estimate showed £11.75 billion in disposable income for the UK annually. These figures alone are already a pretty good reason to make sure your site is usable by everyone!

Inaccessible sites lose sales and risk lawsuits or fines across the world.

Getting it right can be tricky, and automated solutions talk a big game but only deliver around 30% of what’s actually needed. 

How do we do it?

We’re your guide for the pathway to true accessibility. Every month in our plans, we look for the most impactful solutions which need work, and report up to five areas of focus to you to improve. This helps keep things achievable, and our plans are built to help you to keep things moving in the right direction.

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Helping you prioritize accessibility appropriately

Our reports zoom in on impact potential, so you’ll always know what makes the biggest difference. 

Supporting you through your journey

We provide unlimited support and guidance to your team for implementing fixes, following which we will re-test, documenting the resolution. 

Assurance on your journey

The monthly reports we provide you with every month will show incremental improvements in accessibility. This can be an important legal defense should you ever need it!

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Human and automated testing

Automated tools talk a big game, but they only cover about 30% of what’s really needed. We deploy our human expertise and include testing by real people with disabilities when needed.

No overwhelm

Our experts will be re-prioritizing your identified focus areas each month, zooming in on unlocking potential customer barriers and impacts to conversions. You’ll always know what to work on next.

Issue tracking dashboard

All plans include an issue tracking dashboard where you can monitor progress on focus areas, get your questions answered by an expert and download monthly reports. API access is available.