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The path to improved accessibility can be confusing. Let AccessiCart be your accessibility guide.

Our skilled and experienced team can help with testing your WooCommerce or WordPress site, documenting accessibility issues, and creating prioritized plans to guide you in making and keeping your website on the journey toward compliance.

Why care about accessibility?

One in four adults in North America & Europe have a disability that impacts major daily activities.

In the US, disposable income for adults with disabilities is about $485 billion per year.

In 2022, 77% of all web accessibility lawsuits involved eCommerce sites.

And of course, including people is just the right thing to do!

Website accessibility…

  • broadens your potential audience to include people with disabilities
  • improves your SEO and search engine results
  • improves user experience for ALL users
  • is an investment in your current customers who may become disabled
  • is an investment in your brand for values-driven buyers
  • can help you avoid a lawsuit

Website accessibility can be complex, especially for eCommerce, where many functionalities involve user interactions. And automated solutions like overlay AI plugins may actually create more accessibility issues.

See if AccessiCart can help your site

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