Checkout Audit

The checkout process of eCommerce sites is a common place to find accessibility issues.

If people with disabilities can’t complete purchases, you are losing sales and putting your site at risk for litigation.

  • Your cart page might make it impossible to change quantities, size or color via keyboard, meaning people who use accessibility devices never complete a purchase.
  • Your payment input fields might be missing labels for screen readers, meaning a screen reader user might not be able to put in their credit card number.
  • Your checkout fields may be out of reading order, meaning a keyboard and/or screen reader user wouldn’t be able to navigate fields logically causing some get overlooked completely (especially if some fields come after the submit button).

Get an audit focused only on your checkout process.

This audit includes:

  • Adding one item to the cart, ideally a product with attributes and/or variations. This checks screen reader and keyboard navigation for product filtering, sorting, selection & getting it into the cart.
  • Checking the cart page and/or checkout pages for reading order, form labels, keyboard navigation, color contrast and other issues.
  • Testing for proper error messages and validation.

What you get:

  • A PDF report of the audit and any accessibility issues that were found.
  • A one hour post-audit consult with the accessibility specialist who performed the audit where we can demo any issues found and answer your questions. Bring developers from your team and we can answer technical questions.
  • Peace of mind that you will not be losing sales or at risk of a lawsuit.


Checkout Audit on one website: $1200