Accessibility Consulting for Development

The best and most cost-effective way to create an accessible website is by designing it to be accessible from the ground up. This is where we can help: AccessiCart can be your guide to ensuring your website development project results in a site which conforms to WCAG (Website Accessibility Content Guidelines) and works well for people of all capabilities. 

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Project Outline

AccessiCart’s consulting for development packages can address questions that arise at any point in the development process. Here’s what a project typically looks like, and how we help:

1 – Early in feature planning

We kick off by deeply understanding the project’s scope, then discuss with the development team how any special features of the site will be addressed. This includes an analysis of plugin choices and custom development, intended to make sure that the development team doesn’t inadvertently introduce accessibility barriers with their early choices. These inadvertent barriers are usually the most costly to correct later, so this phase is extremely valuable.

2 – Design phase

We review mockups for color contrast choices, font and component sizes and other early choices in user interactions which can prevent having to revisit these decisions later in the project.

3 – Half-way QA testing

If accessibility issues have been introduced to the project, it’s far better to find these earlier rather than later. This is why we always recommend an accessibility check about halfway through the development of the project.This is a great way to test and make sure that content is being added accessibly to the site and mistakes are being averted.

4 – Final QA testing

As the project nears completion and the development team starts QA, an accessibility QA and audit is also typically included, to identify any final issues which came up during development.

5 – Consultation on the accessibility statement

Publishing an Accessibility Statement is now a requirement in many jurisdictions, and we can advise on what to put into a site’s statement, as well as what to avoid.

Improving accessibility skills of the development team

AccessiCart’s consultation style is informative and educational. Our aim is to help development teams understand not just what to do, but why they should make changes and who those changes help. That means that one of the great benefits is leveling up the accessibility skills of the development team in the long term, not simply for the project itself!

Flat fee depending on size of project

The pricing for accessibility consulting for development is a flat fee, based on the size of the website project. Pricing for a simple website project starts at $3,500. Schedule a free call to start a quote for your project.