AccessiCart CEO Bet Hannon on Ecommerce Marketing with the Pitbulls

AccessiCart CEO Bet Hannon appeared on the April 27, 2023 episode of Ecommerce Marketing with the Pitbulls.

From the show notes:
In this episode of Ecommerce Marketing with the Pitbulls, we sit down with special guest Bet Hannon from Accessicart to delve deep into the world of website accessibility for e-commerce business owners. Discover how prioritizing accessibility can unlock new growth opportunities and increase your bottom line. In this episode, we cover crucial topics like:

  • Liability Risks: Learn how having an inaccessible website can expose your business to legal challenges and damage your reputation.
  • Overlay App Insights: We discuss the effectiveness of popular accessibility overlay apps, their limitations, and potential drawbacks to using them as a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Accessible Business Solutions: Explore the available options for businesses, including tax breaks and consulting services from firms like Accessicart, to help you comply with accessibility laws and better serve your customers. Not only does making e-commerce more accessible for people with disabilities benefit those customers, but it also creates a better experience for everyone. Join us as we learn how to embrace inclusivity and make your online store a more welcoming place for all shoppers.

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